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Hard Park RC

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Another Hard Park innovation, this the latest version of our lcg transmission the DW1.5.

This improved version now features.                                                                              Machined aluminum spacers and spur gear covers.                                               Machined Delrin skids.

 The range of gearing (compared to stock) with the 66T spur is -22% (11T pinion) to +14% (16T pinion).


Lowest motor mounting point on the market

Machined Delrin skid

Machined aluminum spur cover and spacers

All steel lightened internal gears

Mod.3 titanium 66T spur gear

Carbon fiber transmission plates/motor mount

Full ball bearings throughout 

Included flat skid/mount for the V2 line of chassis

Designed around motors such as the Micro Komodo, Nano Beast, 050 brushed and similar motors

Fully built, broke in, lightly lubed and ready to run

Not compatible with larger 130 size motors

Metal gears make more noise than the factory gears

Creeper: 15.49mm (11-16T)
Micro Komodo: 15.76mm (11-16T)
NanoBeast v1: 16.07mm (14T-16T tested, 12-13T may fit)
NanoBeast v2: 16.12mm (14-16T tested, 12-13T may fit)
NanoBAM: 16.31mm (14-16T)


1 - RTR DW1.5 transmission 

1 - Skid/transmission mount

4 - 12mm screws for links

4 - 5mm screws to mount to chassis