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DWS Transmission

Hard Park RC

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Smaller… faster…lighter…harder…the DWS


Our newest offering in the transmission department. The DWS features all gr5 mod .3 titanium gears throughout, carbon fiber plates, a thicker motor mount than the DW1, billet spacers and a delrin skid to fit HP chassis.

Including motor, the DWS is 30mm tall, which is 5mm shorter than the DW1.5 and just 5mm taller than the stock transmission. It also moves the motor further forward than the DW1.

Compared to stock the DWS ratios are 109% with an 11T, 119% with 12T, 129% with 13T, and 139% with 14T. We have plenty of slow crawl capability so we decided to add some wheel speed to this unit. There will be different ratios available in the future to adjust the output ratio faster or slower. 

Like the DW1 the DWS is designed to work with small outrunner or brushed motors.



1 - DWS transmission w/skid

hardware to mount skid to chassis and lower links to skid. 

2 - M2x3 motor mounting screws. One is a flat screw for the hole closest to the gear.