HardGoblin Kit

Hard Park RC

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The HardGoblin is aimed towards the hardbody guys. With the addition of the cantilever rear suspension it allows the bed floor to be a low as possible without cutting holes for the shock towers. 

The cantilever is designed around a stock length shock. The factory shocks work very well and are buttery smooth with this setup. The pivot arm has a progressive rate and the shock feels “firmer” as it compresses.

The pushrod holes may require to be opened up slightly. A body reamer or sandpaper roll makes quick work of it. The pivot arms will need to be file down or sanded as they are still on their “parts trees”. 

Please refer to the pictures for help assembling. Don’t over tighten the nut on the bearings. A little loose is better than a little tight in this case. No body mounts are included. Unicorn mounts or Flub Rc Magsliderz are great options.


2 - chassis rails

2 - sliders

1 - electronics tray

1 - delrin skid

cantilever system 

all necessary hardware, bearings and spacers