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Goblin V2 Titanium Links

Hard Park RC

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These links are made from grade 5 titanium and have ultra high clearance design in the rear for the ultimate break over. The lower links have a unique design where they attach. They are cut in a manner to create a flush surface from axle to link to skid. One installed, the belly of your Goblin V2 will have little to nothing to hang up on. The front lower links can be installed either way to adjust where the bends in the link work best with your wheel tire combo. The front uppers can be installed any direction to make clearance where you need it. They also add caster to the front axle. We suggest pointing your rear driveshaft up a little to keep it from hanging under the links. Will make approximately 150mm wheel base. Check out 3flow9 rc for your steering links.


Full set of titanium links

Pivot balls and o-rings