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Goblin XL V2 Kit

Hard Park RC

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The Goblin XL V2 is here! Still has the original style but the adjustability is way better. 


The chassis has new shock towers that have been moved forward are taller to accommodate todays longer shocks. Upper link mounting holes are now present to make squat/anti-squat, caster and driveshaft angle adjustments. Will add 5mm to wheelbase. It it still compatible with the factory rear body hinges. 

The flat skid adds belly clearance and features brass threaded inserts. The transmission can be flipped without removing the skid from the chassis. The lower links are angled to accommodate wider axles. The lower link screws are captured in the skid.

The printed components have a facelift. The sliders now have an embossed hexagon pattern and have been slightly lowered to lower that center of gravity more. The included unicorn body mounts now features threaded inserts as well.  


Chassis rails

Skid to fit Hard Park links


Electronics tray

3 Unicorn body mounts

All hardware to assemble chassis and mount links