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Hard Park Radio Lanyards

Hard Park RC

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Made in collaboration with Lanyards by Tony they use 425 paracord in the Advanced Solomon weave. They feature a 3/4" wide adjustable neck strap with the HP logo, 3/4" wide hardware and a smaller lobster clasp that fit radios with the lanyard loop. They also feature a buckle to quickly disconnect the radio from the lanyard. All Lanyards are fully weaved and no short cuts are taken, this ensures that your lanyard will last a lifetime. So much attention to detail was taken, the ends of the paracord were even branded with the HP logo. 

*All Lanyards come with a universal strap to wrap around the handle of the radio if it does not have a spot for it. If it does, then just use without universal strap and attach lobster clasp directly to radio.

**ALL paracord Lanyards come with metal hardware and carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

***Note: This is not a toy, use caution when wearing anything around your neck. Persons using this product assume all liability.