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Valkyrie Slider Kit

Hard Park RC

Regular price $449.99

Here’s our latest offering in chassis kits. Designed for C3, The Valkyrie is unique in many ways. Starting with the skid, it is curved to match the chassis. It also uses cut to fit pins instead of screws to hold the lower links in place. Moving forward the lower links have shock mounts for clearance for the included boa mount. It comes with a DW1.5 transmission and carrier bearing to tuck the driveshaft up past some of the highest clearance links you’ll ever see. The roof is a separate piece and is interchangeable between two different styles. More styles are in the works.

To complete your kit you’ll need two deadbolt front driveshafts and one deadbolt rear. Wheels, tires and electronics. 

I suggest the smallest electronics you can get, space is at a premium. Micro outrunner motors such as the Micro Komodo are the best choice. A small esc like the Dinky D-Drive fits well on the carrier bearing’s electronics tray.

Depending on setup, internal limiting of the front shocks may be necessary. It is also optional to put small “z” bends in the front links. 

Available in two flavors.

Dementor style roof with red accessories. (Pictured)

Fastback style roof with silver accessories.



Choice of roof

HP axles

DW1.5 transmission 

Carrier bearing

Titanium links

HP boa with link riser

HP shocks w/springs and spacers

KNK hardware throughout 

Jim’s Bearings